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Friday, September 2, 2016


Hi! I'm Jill Goldsmith. I am a fun, loving, and kind person. I was born in Washington State. A few years later, my family and I moved to Wisconsin. We lived there for 6 years. We had to move to California because of my dad's job. I have 9 animals. 3 dogs. 2 Golden Retrievers named Tara and Otter, and 1 Havanese named Snoopy. We also have 3 cats. Lily, Larry, and Garfield. Lastly, we have 3 chickens. Fluffy, Rosie, and Mrs.Cantaloupe! Some of my hobbies include: photography, bodysurfing, decorating my room, traveling, and many more. This past summer, (2016) I went to Niagara Falls! It was breathtaking. Down below is a picture of my sister and me at Niagara Falls!


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Three Reasons - In This Case... A Powerful Movie Beats Out The Book

Jill Goldsmith
English P.1

In This Case... A Powerful Movie Beats Out The Book

    I think the movie, The Giver, was better than the book. It was a difficult decision. However, there were more things that I liked about the movie than in the book. Three reasons I liked the movie better: Jonas was sixteen instead of twelve, the story was brought to life with lots of action, and the ending didn’t leave you hanging.

    In the movie, Jonas was sixteen. In the book, Jonas was twelve. In my opinion, it was better that Jonas was sixteen instead of twelve.  As a sixteen year old, Jonas’s actions were more appropriate. For example, his crush and relationship with Fiona could be more romantic and in depth since he was sixteen. If he was twelve, it would have seemed like a little crush and it wouldn't have been as serious and romantic. I also feel that if Jonas were twelve in the movie and he kissed Fiona, it might of been awkward. In the movie, Jonas fell in love with Fiona and he had a relationship with her. The relationship added more to the movie.  Also, Jonas had to deal with a lot and a sixteen year old seems more capable than a twelve year old just because they are 4 years older. So, Jonas could handle all the things he had to in the movie better at sixteen than twelve.

   The Giver was brought to life in the movie. There was so much action. I thought that was a great feature in the movie. I liked seeing the community, the characters, The Chief Elder, The Nurturing Center, the memories, and The Giver’s home. When I read the book, I had my own ideas of what the characters and places looked like, but in the movie you see these things for real. The movie also seemed to have so much more action than the book and you felt the action when you watched. It made it entertaining. For example, when Jonas and Gabe were escaping the community on the motorcycle and trying to reach The Edge, you saw the chase and felt the excitement. The action scene that caught my attention the most was when Jonas punched Asher so he could get past him to escape. I did not expect that. In my opinion, adding the action in the movie was one of the main reasons that made the movie better than the book.

    I liked the movie ending better because it didn’t leave you hanging. The book left you wondering if Jonas and Gabriel survived. You could create your own ending to the book, but you would never know if it was true. I didn’t like that. I wanted to know if they were alright….especially little Gabe. However, in the movie, I know that they survived. I felt happy for them when they saw the warm and comforting home. I also liked that they were safe. So with that being said, I liked how the ending didn’t leave you hanging.

    In conclusion, I think that The Giver movie is better than the book because of the three reasons listed: Jonas was sixteen instead of twelve, the story was brought to life and, the ending didn’t leave you hanging. Usually, books beat out a movie when deciding which one is better, but in this case, a powerful movie beats out the book!


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spectacular Memories

The Landscape of Memory talked about people with remarkable memories. I was shocked when it said this "The maitre d'hôtel can remember specific dinners ordered over the past forty years by his customers. On any morning he can recall the orders of every customer of the day before, as well as there specific table and place setting." How do people have such incredible memories?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Pedestrian and The Forecast

The Pedestrian:
     The Pedestrian was about Leonard Mead who goes for long walks every evening by himself and a lone police officer questioned him and then he took him away. I couldn't believe that Leonard Mead has never seen anyone out walking during all of the days and hours he has. Why did Leonard Mead never see anyone else walking around when he was?

The Forecast:
     The Forecast was about a community who basically lives in a bubble. I think that this community lives a very isolated life. Can you escape the bubble?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The End Turns Out To Be A New Beginning

Jonas and Gabriel got the chance to experience real snow in person and not just in a memory. Jonas and Gabriel felt warm, which helped them make it to the top of the hill a little easier. I couldn't believe that the book ended without Jonas and Gabriel entering the next community or maybe even not a community. What ever ends up happening to Jonas and Gabriel?

Lois Lowry's Speech:
     Lois Lowry's speech (pgs. 177-179) talked about letter's she received from readers of The Giver that had their own imagination in the ending of the book. I thought that it was neat how Lois Lowry was talking about how she ended The Giver,  the way she did because she wants the readers to make up part of the story in their heads so they could have some fun with it too. What is Lois Lowry's favorite part of The Giver?

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Wilderness...

Jonas escapes the community along with Gabriel on his dad's bike and they are now starving for food. I couldn't believe that Jonas took Gabriel with him but at the same time that was a good thing to do because Gabriel would have died anyways and now he has a longer chance to live. Will Jonas and Gabriel die from starvation, or will Jonas be able to find enough food for him and Gabriel?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Plan

Jonas and the Giver created a plan for Jonas to escape the community. I couldn't believe that Rosemary was the Giver's daughter and that the Giver wants to die to be with her. Will Jonas get caught trying to escape the community?